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Hoodsie's f2p review: SUN online

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Hoodsie's f2p review: SUN online

Post  Hoodsie on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:08 am

Hi i used to do some f2p reviews on rivals and youtube so i thought i'd put some up on here to let you know about some less well known f2p's Smile

Soul of the ultimate nation online.

Graphics 8/10
Quests 5/10
Combat 6/10
UI 5/10
Fun 8/10
Hoodsie factor 7/10

Ok so i'm trolling around looking for fresh f2p material ( and trust me, i've played virtully all f2p shizz,) when i came across a nice looking f2p mmo that i'd never seen before, how is this? i asked my self.
Then i found out, its published by fucking webzen, who's other mmo's have been pretty shite and since trying them i've stayed clear. Ok so this looked pretty cool so i checked it out anyway. afterall it had a freaking dragon knight as a class.

Here comes problem one...
Downloading was a nightmare, its like the freaking website didnt want me to play the game, after trying several times and almost printing of the logo and feeding it to next doors goat (grr nerdrage) i finally got it working. It took a while but after taht it ran smooth.
When i logged into the game i got greeted by a very nice looking character creation screen, there was 4 classes each slightly looking generic j rpg type. I picked dragon knight and the character automatically looked like cloud from ff7's numbeer one fan. So i mixed up the customisation and he didnt anymore, he looked like seropth's number one fan, then sora's then piakchu's! you get the idea. Also, classes are gender locked.
I started playing aand then i saw a bad thing about this game... the UI....*shudder*

it was like looking at an aborted featus, but despite this i tried playing more. My character looked cool in the starter gear and i got some cool blades. "i know!" I thought, "Why dont i try and shank this npc over here!" so i ran forwards and swiped at it, where upon it growled back, i hit lag and got twatted untill my character's nipples exploded. "Great..." i though "Good start."

After nutting my pc and its shitty lag i ressed up and got some combat working, then i tried some quests... "Fun, kill the twats that just killed me" spiffing... guess im not going to be quest grinding..

Anyway i got going some more, ignoring all of the shitly translated english quest text and having no fucking idea what was going on in the storyline... so i made up my own, my character is named muumpo as he is the most retarded dragon knight of them all, so he sets out to become a less retarded dragonknight, see you dont need all the needless quest tezt shit...

Anyway for the next few days i ahd some fun, pissing off other players untill some guy eventully took pity at me when i was level 18. I honestly thought he was a peadophile "Hey huny, wanna come do an instance with me?" and i was like.. "Do what?"

Anyway the instances are fun and certianly more fun with slightly creepy wierdos who are clearly addicted to this game.

This was all in all my general first impressions, the game looks nice but unfortunatly is slightly lineur.

Summary: SUN online is atleast different to other mmo's it's not perfect world in the terms of graphics, but it certianly beats it on gameplay, and it's not quite the chronicles of spellbourne on gameplay, but it beats it on graphics. Its not bad, and its sure worth having a go one, then again.. that is if you can get it to fucking download!

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Re: Hoodsie's f2p review: SUN online

Post  NiggerJim on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:58 am

the cinematic/ trailer was pretty shit one of the worst Ive seen

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Re: Hoodsie's f2p review: SUN online

Post  Sconesy Cider on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:33 am

I'm glad I didn't get this game... >.< I hate games that play like a traditional MMORPG (Ex:...WoW..., Everquest, Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga, etc.)
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Re: Hoodsie's f2p review: SUN online

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