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Naruto 3d MMORPG by Namco Bandai!!!!!!

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Naruto 3d MMORPG by Namco Bandai!!!!!!

Post  TheEternalEye on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:37 am

Tencent Games, Namco Bandai team up to develop Naruto MMORPG for China
January 17, 2013 7:02PM PST

Game companies to partner up with Japanese manga publisher Shueisha to create online game for web browsers.
Anime and manga fans can expect an online MMORPG based on the Naruto series to pop up soon.

According to Game Spark (via SGCafe), China-based online gaming company Tencent Games made a deal with Japanese manga publisher Shueisha and video game publisher Namco Bandai for the rights of the upcoming game's development and distribution. The upcoming title will be playable on web browsers and is developed by More Fun Studio, Namco Bandai, and CyberConnect2 (Asura's Wrath, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series).

The game is scheduled for a 2013 release and will be available on Tencent's gaming portal. The publishers did not announce on whether the game will be published outside of the Chinese market.

Gamespot full article:

wooooot!!!!! Hope they port to america
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