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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  shaunohbi on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:31 pm

Everyone requested that we post some forum rules, So I am going to do that lol.
I'm sure that most people here would have been to other forums and know what normal forum rules are, So I'm just going to post some important ones.

1. Please don't spam. I know post count can be a game of heirachy, but please refrain from making posts that are clearly made to boost post count. I don't mind smaller posts in the off-topic section, the post may require that. But in the SWO section, posts should be directed towards the game.

2. Do not make useless posts like "lol", or similar, containing very few words or not contributing to the topic. If you say something is good, bad, better than X or etc, argument why, otherwise it's just spam/troll/useless post.

3. Treat other members fairly. Even if it's Yamashi, try to be friendly lol. Leave all the raging to lynx, it's what he's here for.

4. Don't suggest things about Naruto. I dont mind you linking Naruto, but please don't make direct suggestions from Naruto as a context. We are an inspired game, not a fan based game. We cannot breach copywright, and it somewhat irritates both the admins and I.

5. No advertising. I don't care too much if your advertising your artwork or something personal such as that. Or if you talking about some other MMO in the off-topic sections. But no advertising other games.

6. Treat the admins with respect. The admins here won't flame you if you take things in a nice calm matter. Things get reported to me anyways, So I will sort things out in a logical way.

You should all know the other simple rules of a forum, I shouldn't have to waste time on them ^_^

Have fun.

P.S. Rules can change anytime without notice.

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